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The Mission

DJ has been on a life-long Mission of Acceptance and Awareness, and is dedicated to stop bullying everywhere!

As DJ explains, “Our Mission is Dedicated and Devoted to Spreading Autism Acceptance and Autism Inclusion Everywhere Around The World, To Show the World that Autism is to be Known and to be Understood and Not to be Judged or Criticized in any Terrible Way, To Spread The Great and Amazing Power of Teamwork to End and to Stop Bullying, To Spread the Great and Amazing Power of Dreaming Big and Believing Big and to Spread and Share The Power and Importance of Kindness and Acceptance.”

DJ really sees the goodness in all and supports all. His message, along with his Mission and artwork all represent DJ's message of "Looking and seeing things from a different point of view". 

Join us and help us Spread Awareness, Gain Acceptance and Stop Bullying!

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