"Look and see

things from a

different point of view!"

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DJandTheImagifriends.com/Imagiville Friends is a 501(c)(3) organization. EIN #: 99-3653561.

Meet DJ ...


... Artist, Author & Public Speaker Extraordinaire!

A Mission is Born. A Journey Begun.

Born in Sumter, SC in 1983, DJ was 3 years when he was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, along with psychomotor retardation.

This combination, along speech delays and motor skills issues created a variety of issues.

DJ didn't grow, develop and mature like other kids. As the years went by, DJ was taunted, teased, made fun of and bullied, both in and out of school.

A Mission was born. The Journey had begun.

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DJandTheImagifriends.com/Imagiville Friends is a 501c3 organization. EIN: 99-3653561.
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DJ Svaboda

Artist, Author and Public Speaker Extraordinaire!

Kidzone Kindergarten is committed to providing a program that focuses on the development of young children through a well-rounded experience and inspires a love of lifelong learning.

We believe that children are born eager and ready to learn anytime for growing themselves!

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Welcome to The Imagistore!

DJ's characters and artwork graces the walls of Duke University's Autism Center, local businesses and many homes!

Grab tee shirt, coffe mug, tumbler or tote and help DJ and The Imagifriends

on their Mission to Raise Awarenss and Gain Acceptance for everyone facing challenges!


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The Mupperezmo Youth Tee

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The Mupperezmo Youth Tee

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The Mupperezmo Youth Tee
The Mupperezmo Youth Tee
The Mupperezmo Youth Tee
The Mupperezmo Youth Tee

The Mupperezmo Youth Tee

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The Imagifriends

The Imagifriends

Imagifriends Alphabet

Imagifriends Alphabet


Need apparel for your business?

Support DJ, join the Mission and help
Raise Awareness and Gain Acceptance!

Order your company tees, hats, polos, outerwear through DJ and The Imagifriends.

All proceeds directly benefit DJ and The Imagifriends.

DJandTheImagifriends.com is a 501c3 pending organization.

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Meet the Mupperezmo, Shy Guy, and all The Imagifriends!

A new Imagifriend is introduced every Monday!

The Mupperezmo

"Look and see things from a different point of view!"

“The Mupperezmo, also known as "The Mupp", is The Leader and Mascot and Mickey Mouse of The Imagifriends of Imagiville.

He Was Created to Help The World to know and to Understand that Everyone with Autism Thinks, Feels and Sees Things From a Very Different Point of View!

That is Why He Turns His Head Upside Down, So that He can see Things from a Different Point of View! 

But The Mupperezmo is sure for Everyone. We all See and Feel and Look at Things from a Very Different Point of View, And It is Always Very Important to be Kind." :)

Love, DJ

Introducing the ...


The Shy Guy

"It's OK to be Shy!"

"Shy Guy is a very special friend to everyone in Imagiville! He's a very kind and friendly friend who is also very shy. In fact, he is so shy that he always wears his special green and blue lamp shade over his head, and often tries to keep hidden from time to time, but every once in a while he likes to come out and see how everyone is doing!

He teaches that it is okay to be shy and that you never need to be ashamed if you feel shy sometimes.

Shy Guy wants to be a friend to you and he wants to remind you that you are very important and very valuable and being shy is … OK!”

Love D.J.



DJ's Journey

Public Speaking - Taking the Mission the people.

DJ started his public speaking career with his mom, Cindi, over 10 years ago! After his initial diagnosis at the tender age of 3, DJ has proved everyone wrong, and become a symbol of hope, perserverance and determination.

Dj speaks about  the "journey" started with his mom, where it has taken him, the amazing people he's met and the milestones he's accomplished, the biggest being The Friends of Imagiville!

Using his unique artistic style, DJ has brought the characters to life, and use them to tell an informative and inspiring story of inlcusion and acceptance.

To learn more or have DJ speak to your school, group or business, click here.

Mupp & The Imagifriends on UNC-TV's "Rootle!"

Mupp and the Imagifriends have been brought to life for Rootle, UNC-TV’s 24/7 PBS KIDS Channel for the “Kindness with the Imagifriends” series.

“Look and see things from a different point of view!”
Created by D.J., an autistic artist, author and public speaker, the Mupperezmo and all the Imagifriends teach us that you will be the best friend you can be when you accept everyone as they are!

Follow Mupp and all the Imagifriends on their journey for awareness and acceptance! Check out Mupp and all the Imagifriends on Rootle. 

"We'll Get By (The Autism Song)" by The Johnny Orr Band.

Commissioned by TV personality Candi Spitz and her musician husband Dan Spitz (lead guitarist of the band Anthrax)The Johnny Orr Band’s “We’ll Get By (The Autism Song)” was released in 2014 for AutismAwareness Month.

1,000,000+ views!

The song has recently hit over 1,000,000 views on YouTube, and has become a sort of anthem for those who are touched by autism, resonating with those that live with autism as well as those who live somewhere on the autism spectrum.

Click the link below to download and listen to Johnny Orr's "We'll Get By" now!


Speaking Engagements

Autism: Our Journey Together - A Message of Hope.

Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder along with psychomotor retardation at the age of 3, DJ’s late mom Cindi had no idea about what the future would hold for them.

In the 41 years that have followed, DJ has become a coveted motivational speaker, an accomplished artist and published author. For the last 15+ years, DJ and his mom - Miss Cindi - traveled Carolinas and Southern Virginia, spreading their message of Hope, Awareness and Acceptance.

DJ loves to speak to all types of groups, from school and church groups to businesses and conferences.

Hear DJ tell his and his Mom's incredibly inspirational and beautiful story of hope, perseverance and heartfelt love.

Click below to schedule DJ.

Contact DJ to hear his story!
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Latest News & Activities

DJ Can Use Some Help.

dj-cindi-me walk pic.jpg__PID:5836d0e2-3f80-4320-b31f-e1ba8a9c85b3

DJ and his Mom, Miss Cindi, started the Imagifriends' and their Mission of Awareness and Acceptance' in July of 2011.

Fast forward to the spring of 2023. Cindi was suffering from headaches, went to the doctor, and was diagnosed with Stage 4 brain cancer. Cindi lost her battle in August of 2023. 

We're a dedicated group of DJ's friends who helping DJ and his brother Josh get back on their feet, and get DJ back to what he loves to do - Spread Awareness and Gain Acceptance"!

It's simple and easy to "Help Spread The Word".

To learn more or to help with a tax deductible donation, please click a link below.


New Wall Art For Ruckus Pizza in Cary, NC!

"Uncle Robert" Royster, owner of Ruckus Pizza, Pasta and Spirits" poses with DJ and the new Imagifriends custom artwork DJ recently created for their Cary location.

DJ's artwork is on display at Duke's Autism Center, along with many other local businesses.

DJ would love to create a sepcial piece just for you! If you're interested in commissioning DJ to a special piece for your home or business, please click the button below.

Commission DJ

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Join The Mission!

Together, we CAN make a difference!

Help DJ and all The Imagifriends with their Mission!

DJ, The Mupp and all the Imagifriends have a simple goal:

to Spread Awareness and Gain Acceptance!

DJ, The Mupp, and ALL the Imagifriends would love your help!

And it's so easy to be part of "Team DJ' - quick "Like" and "Share" of the official Imagifriends Facebook and Instagram pages is all it takes! 

Contact Us! >>>

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