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DJ's Upcoming Events

DJ, The Mupp and all the Imagifriends have been affected by Covid-19 just like the rest of us. Maybe even a bit more.

Covid-19 has affected so many over the last several months, and while we're moving back to normal, the progress is slow while things are figured out. The pandemic has hit all of us in some way, fashion or form, but it has hit those like DJ and his mom Cindi, the Mupp and all the Imagifriends especially hard.
As a public speaker, DJ had a full schedule of events through the end of the 2020.

  • DJ’s last event was March 7, 2020, and since then over 70 events have been either been cancelled or rescheduled.

Seminars and conventions, speaking engagements, fall festivals. And now December is fading away, with traditional Christmas events and opportunities being cancelled. All due to Covid-19.

Along with the events went DJ’s speaking fees and merchandise sales – effectively, his business was shut down and he lost his job due to Covid.

But through it all, DJ keeps a positive and upbeat attitude, trying to the find the good in the situation and always move forward. He lives the Mupp’s motto: “Look and see things from a different point of view!”.

DJ is reaching out where and when he can to carry on the Mission, and is keeping busy with new art projects and characters, such as the Imagifriend Hero Collection, honoring police officers, fire fighters, EMT's and First Responders along with teachers! If you'd like to have DJ do a custom piece of art for your home or business, please click here.

Help Support DJ
So much of what DJ does is to Raise Awareness and Gain Acceptance, with a positive message of Faith, Hope and Love.

We hope you'll consider visiting The Imagistore and checking out some of the great gift ideas when the opportunity arises to celebrate, say thank you or just let someone know you care and are thinking of them.

Thanks so much, and we look forward to continuing the journey soon!

Remember: Look and see things from a different point of view!